Fresh, seasonal flowers delivered straight to your doorstep every week, fortnight or month. Sign up to a flower subscription, or give it as a gift. 

A Little More Info...

  • All flowers are hand-selected by Daisy at New Covent Garden Flower Market or straight from British flower growers. 
  • The selection varies week-to-week with an emphasis on the seasons, and we buy British where possible. 
  • Our flowers come un-arranged: that part is up to you! You'll find the stems waiting on your doorstep in a bucket of water along with notecards with the flower names and tips on how to arrange your blooms.
  • We can deliver even if you're out. Just let us know where we can leave the bucket (like in the bike shed for example!)
  • We offer 2 sizes: regular and large. Regular is enough for one vase and large is enough for two (plus a few scraps for jam jars).
  • Gift subscriptions are 3 deliveries over 3 months and offer a great introduction to flowers. 
I look forward to my flower delivery because there’s always a flower that I’ve never seen before.
— Annie Reid, Editor angels & urchins magazine